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Beer Pong Thursdays

When: Thursdays all day
Where: Passyunk Waterloo
What: Play Beer Pong with your friends. Get a pitcher of Bud at a discount. £18 for 4 instead of £22. £4.5 per pint! Competition and Tournament with prizes coming soon. Get practicing!
How Much: However much you want to spend on beer!


Locations in London

In Philadelphia, dive bars are the cultural centers of the city. We’ve created authentic dive bars in London for American Expats and aficionados alike to hang out, guzzle down American beer, eat authentic American food, watch the Superbowl and other sports like college football, basketball and baseball. But, don’t expect shiny new decor – just enjoy the relaxed vibe and frank and friendly service in one of our venues that have been obsessively curated to mimic life in a Philly dive bar.

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Explore all upcoming events at Passyunk Avenue and Home Run House. Find information & book for upcoming MBL, NFL, MBA and Football watch parties, other events and promotions.

Philly Food

Passyunk Avenue provides a taste of Philadelphia and we serve up the best regional American cuisine in London. Headlined by our legendary Cheesesteak Sandwiches and authentic Buffalo Wings.


​You haven’t lived until you have tasted an authentic Philly Cheesesteak.


Buffalo Wings

Our Buffalo Chicken Wings are the best around and taste as genuine as the ones you’d get in Philly.

Buffalo Wings


American Bars

OUR Ingredients, YOUR Kitchen

Our cook at home kits have been curated with care so you can recreate authentic Philly cuisine in the comfort of your home.

In The News

Philly In London

Passyunk Avenue provides a taste of Philadelphia and in doing so has earned a reputation for serving up the best regional American cuisine in the UK. Headlined by the legendary Cheesesteak sandwich, a hunger attacking combination of prime ribeye steak, cheese and onions, and authentic Buffalo Wings, Passyunk Avenue shares a glimpse into Philadelphia culture through its range of Italian-American dishes that celebrate the City’s immigrant heritage.

You may wonder about our name – it’s a Native-American word meaning “place between the hills” and it’s the Main Street that runs through the heart of South Philadelphia. It links our company back to our South Philly roots and it reminds us why we started our business – to share the values of Philadelphia – the City of Brotherly Love – with the people of London.