Gobbler LOVEbundle

Anyone who grew up around Philly understands the centrality of Wawa (a chain of convenience shops) to everyday life.

Every year around this time Wawa reintroduces the most epic of the holiday eats called The Gobbler which endeavours to concentrate the flavours of the season in one almighty sandwich.

In honour of and in reverence to our friends at Wawa, we’ve cobbled together our version of this seasonal delight and we’re pretty confident you’ll understand why the arrival of this sandwich is one of the highlights of a Philly year.

We give you our Great British Gobbler, a combination of roast turkey, sage and onion stuffing, creamy Brie cheese, sweet and tart cranberry sauce, a big pot of gravy for you to smother your Gobbler and a Philly-style hoagie roll.