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Baseball Batting Cages
in Westfield London

Yo! Passyunk Avenue, in collaboration with Major League Baseball and Budweiser,
bring you an authentic American Baseball experience.

Anyone Can Play

You don’t need to be a pro athlete to have fun in our batting cages – in fact, your fitness level or sporting ability is not important. At Home Run House having fun and enjoying yourself is what it‘s all about.

Batting Cages

The Home Run House batting cages, pitching machine and ball-tracking telemetry are the same as those used by high schools, colleges and baseball professionals to improve players’ games and track their performance. Using the latest in ball-tracking technology and software the gameplay can be scaled up, or down, to suit everyone’s batting ability, from baseball pro to first-timer.

“Never Let The Fear Of Striking Out Get In Your Way”

~ Babe Ruth

Your Safety
Is Our
Top Priority

Although our baseballs look like the real thing, they are foam rubber practice balls that are designed for training and recreation. The only thing to fear is striking out.