About Our Batting Cages


First timers

We welcome anyone older than 6 years of age and taller than 1.2m, of any ability or experience level*. Even if you’ve never even picked up a baseball bat we can guide you through the basics and you’ll be hitting home runs in no-time!

*Should the children not meet these requirements they will require adult supervision.


Your Safety Is Our Top Priority

Although our baseballs look like the real thing, they are foam rubber practice balls that are designed for training and recreation. The only thing to fear is striking out.


How Many Balls You Get To Hit

Our pitching machines pitch a ball roughly every 6 seconds. Batting sessions are 2½ minutes long, with 30 second intervals to take a rest or change batters. You can expect up to 30 pitches per  2½ minutes session, and 100 every 10 minutes, if you are smashing them out of the ballpark.


How Long You Should Book For

We recommend booking a cage for 30 minutes for 2-4 people for the best experience. Maximum of 8 people per cage.


Monday to Thursday £1.00 /minute
Friday to Sunday £1.50 /minute


Arrive 15 minutes early

You need to arrive 15 minutes before your start time to get briefed by our cage operators. They will make the adjustments to the gameplay to match your ability, provide guidance & advice, and most importantly make sure you have a great time and stay safe while doing so.



When you step into the batting cage and up to the batting plate, balls will be pitched at you from our pitching machine located approximately 10m away. Using the latest in ball-tracking technology and software the gameplay can be scaled up, or down to suit everyone’s batting ability from baseball pro to first-timer.



The aim is to smash the pitches as hard as you possibly can and try and score home runs.

Our batting cages have the latest in ball-tracking telemetry, and track the pitch velocity, launch angle and exit velocity. The technology calculates where exactly the ball would have gone if you were in a real baseball stadium and shows this calculated trajectory on the monitors in the batting cage.


Eat, drink and play

Your batting cage booking includes a table and chairs where your group can relax and enjoy watching the experience. America Street Eats and drinks may be ordered from our restaurant and bar and enjoyed while and after you play.


Game modes

Every batting cage has a 70 inch screen. Every time you hit the ball, the ball is tracked and displayed on the screen in any of the MLB baseball stadiums in the US, providing a virtual stadium experience.

Game modes include:

  • Batting practice
  • Points game
  • Home run challenge
  • Team battle