Philly Tawk

YO! This is a standard greeting where we come from back in Philadelphia. It can mean different things depending on the context, but mostly it’s taken as a casual and friendly way to say hi.

This basic of Philly English reflects the familiar , unpretentious and friendly – albeit with a bit of an edge – manner of most Philadelphians. We’re people with big expectations and bigger hearts. Philadelphia – from the literal Greek translation – “brotherly love” is central to who we are and core to Passyunk’s mission; To provide an insight into our unique culture, we have created a place for American Expats and aficionados alike to hang out, guzzle down American beer, eat authentic American food, watch the Superbowl and other sports like college football, basketball and baseball.

Citywide Special

Anyone who’s barhopped in Philly knows about this deal. It’s known as “The Special” or “Citywide Special,” is just a fancy name for a shot-and-beer combo. A fun argument has been simmering over the years as to whether this one drink or two.


Every culture has a different name for two pieces of bread with a unique mix of stuff in between. In Philly, we call this delicacy a ‘hoagie.’ Not a sub or a hero. HOAGIE.


Here a jawn, there a jawn, everywhere a jawn jawn. Think Schoolhouse Rock “a noun is a person, place or thing,” but replace ‘noun’ with ‘jawn.’ A jawn can be pretty much anything from a nondescript person to an inanimate object. It could also refer to an event or location. So, like we said—pretty much anything.

The Linc

If you’re tailgating, you’re tailgating at the Linc. Short for Lincoln Financial Field, this Philly institution is where igles (Philly lingo for Eagles) come to fly. If you’re not screaming “Go Birds” at the top of your lungs while stuffing your face with a cheesesteak, get outta here!


Well, did you?? In Philly, we don’t waste our breath. If three words can be mushed into a single syllable, all the more efficient. ‘J’eet’ is simply a faster way to ask, “Did you eat?” Work smarter, not harder.

Passyunk Avenue in London

Passyunk Avenue transports you to the neighbourhoods of South Philadelphia without having to get on a plane or clear immigration.  Enjoy the relaxed vibe, the frank and friendly hospitality in venues that have been obsessively curated so that you experience life in a Philly dive bar.

Passyunk Avenue

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