A cheesesteak in London? That can’t be good, right?

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Not so fast.

With the Sixers taking on the Celtics Thursday afternoon in London, we sent our video team over to Liberty Cheesesteak Company’s popup at Cardinal Place to see how the Brits do a wiz wit.

But this London spot has some legit Philly ties. Owner JP Teti grew up in New Jersey but his family roots are in South Philly, where he visited often. He left his job in corporate America and missed home, especially the food, so he decided to bring that Philly flavor to London.

Making a legit cheesesteak is not without its challenges though, as Teti told us. You can’t get traditional cheesesteak ingredients in London so they make their own bread, butcher their own meat and make their own cheese sauce since wiz isn’t available there.

So how was it?

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