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PBR Beeramid Wednesdays

When: Wednesdays
Where: Passyunk Waterloo
What: On Wednesdays you will be able to get discounted buckets of PBR ALL DAY so your group can try and build as big of a BEERamid as you can to get on the Leaderboard & Wall of Fame. Every week we will announce the winner and they will receive:
– Official PBR merch
– Polaroid and name on the Wall of Fame.
– Discount vouchers for future visits.
How Much: PBR normally costs £5.95. Bucket of 4 will cost £18 instead of £23.80. 25% OFF!


Movie Mondays

When: Mondays 7pm and 9pm
Where: Passyunk Waterloo
What: Movies will be showing on the main projector with subtitles. Nick Foles bar will have the Sound on for anyone looking for full experience.
How Much: Entry is FREE and we will be selling popcorn on the day for £1. Your first drink comes with FREE popcorn.


Bourbon Club Fridays

When: Fridays from 6pm
Where: Passyunk Waterloo
What: We are partnering up with Bourbon brands to create a Bourbon Club.
Weekly; first 28 people will get a free single pour from a selected bottle, then on the night discount for everyone.
Monthly; sponsored tasting session events with surprises.
How Much: Weekly is first come first serve for a free pour. Then 20% off the selected bottle or 10% OFF on bourbon of your choice. Monthly events will be ticketed.


Beer Pong Thursdays

When: Thursdays all day
Where: Passyunk Waterloo
What: Play Beer Pong with your friends. Get a pitcher of Bud at a discount. £18 for 4 instead of £22. £4.5 per pint!
Competition and Tournament with prizes coming soon. Get practicing!
How Much: However much you want to spend on beer!