Eagles Fans Are Flocking to a Philly-Themed Bar in London


– Rachel Vigoda

New Jersey native JP Teti relocated to London and, as any Philadelphia-adjacent diner would, missed greasy late-night cheesesteaks. So he opened Passyunk Avenue, a Philly-themed bar complete with the city’s most famous food and a mural featuring Rocky, Benjamin Franklin, and Independence Hall. It only makes sense that Philadelphia Eagles fans flocking to London for Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars are hanging out at Passyunk Avenue for a taste of home — because of course Philadelphians are traveling across the Atlantic Ocean to hang out with other Philadelphians, eat cheesesteaks, pound Citywides, and talk about the Birds.

In an interview with Vaughn Johnson for the Philadelphia Eagles’ website, Teti calls Passyunk Avenue a “Philly-style dive bar” that feels “like you stepped into a tavern in South Philly.” But it’s not every dive bar that sees a visit from former Eagles Brent Celek and Jon Dorenbos, who stopped by with the Vince Lombardi trophy.

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