From passion to Passyunk Ave: How one man’s love for Philadelphia made it all the way to London

JP Teti brings Philadelphia to London

– Philadelphia Phillies

Moving from your home state can be tough, let alone moving to another country. That can lead to a whole other level of homesickness. At least that was the case for JP Teti, a New Jersey expat who took a U.K.-based role with Xerox back in 2008.
A native of Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Teti’s quick to let you know that despite where he grew up geographically, his South Philly roots run deep. And they do. They run all the way back to 1904, in fact. His ancestors, Italian immigrants, came over and settled in South Philly, where his grandparents and other family members remained.

Born in 1978, Teti can’t recall a time before his Philadelphia fandom. Some of his fondest memories include coming down on weekends in the summer to visit relatives and getting lost roaming the 700 level of Veterans Stadium with his siblings.

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