Passyunk Avenue: More Than A Taste Of Philadelphia

JP Teti owner of London dive bar Passyunk Avenue

– Vaughn Johnson

LONDON – Supply and demand is a term often used in business.

Whenever there is a demand for a product, someone typically figures out a way to supply it.

The demand typically comes from a large sample size of people. For JP Teti, that demand was just one person: Himself.

Teti was born and raised in South Philadelphia and wears his pride for the city like a badge of honor no matter where he goes. And, like most Philadelphians, he enjoys a good cheesesteak.

That love of Philadelphia and cheesesteaks went with him when he attended business school in London, and while enjoying a night out in the city with some of his friends in 2011, Teti craved a cheesesteak.

His friends didn’t even know what a cheesesteak was, but Teti assured them that this was worth the search.

“Trust me, this is going to be amazing,” Teti recalls telling his friends.

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