Passyunk Avenue at Nine Elms Battersea:
The place to be when 5pm hits.

Restaurant and Dive Bar

When the workday ends and 5 pm rolls around, Passyunk Avenue in Battersea is the go-to spot. Our vibe isn’t just defined by the Philly food and ice-cold American beer we serve but by the entire atmosphere. Tune into our hand-picked music selection, enjoy a refreshing drink, and soak in the ambiance. It’s a space where the community comes to relax, chat, and simply enjoy good times. Here, we’re more than a restaurant – we’re a part of the Nine Elms evening scene.

Listen up, buffalo wing enthusiasts!

Buffalo Wings

If you think you’ve tasted the pinnacle of buffalo wing perfection – think again! With all due sass and sauce, we declare our buffalo wings to be the unadulterated rulers of London’s skies. And guess what? You can try them now for just £1 each. Experience the real taste of authentic American buffalo wings.

“Passyunk Avenue stands as a gateway to the American experience right in the heart of Battersea. We don’t just serve food; we bring to you an entire culture, distilled and presented on a platter.”
~ Daniel Baczar CMO

Battersea, London – The Jewel of New Beginnings

Battersea is a testament to London’s ever-evolving charm. Historically renowned for its iconic power station and sprawling park, today, Battersea is forging a new identity, establishing itself as a vibrant hub for culture, food, and nightlife.

The story of Battersea is one of transformation. Once an industrial heartland, it’s now an urban sanctuary featuring luxurious apartments, buzzing streets, and green spaces. Among the most captivating parts of this reinvention is the Nine Elms development. Bringing together chic residential spaces with modern commercial zones, Nine Elms is the embodiment of modern London living.

U.S. Embassy & Embassy Gardens: Strengthening the American Connection

Adding to Battersea’s ever-growing charm is the presence of the U.S. Embassy in Nine Elms, complemented beautifully by the lush expanse of Embassy Gardens. These emblematic landmarks not only underline Battersea’s role in international diplomacy but also highlight its stature in global urban design. For us at Passyunk Avenue, the presence of the U.S. Embassy and the verdant Embassy Gardens is more than just a neighborly nod. We see it as an intrinsic American connection, echoing our mission to bring a slice of the States to London. In the midst of these iconic surroundings, Passyunk Avenue takes pride in offering an authentic American experience, creating a harmonious blend of cultures amidst the modern vibrancy of Battersea.

Restaurants Battersea Power Station
Passyunk Avenue in the heart of Battersea’s night scene

Drawing inspiration from the streets of Philadelphia, Passyunk Avenue is more than just an American restaurant. It’s an experience, an adventure, a journey that begins at our doors and takes you straight to the bustling streets of Philly. Dive into our diverse menu, each dish echoing the stories and flavours from the States. Our dedication doesn’t stop at the food; the ambiance, music, and even our décor are all crafted to make you feel like you’re stepping into a slice of America in London.

Why Choose Passyunk Avenue in Battersea?
  • The Authentic American Experience: From our Philly cheesesteaks to our vibrant vibes, get a taste of the States without hopping on a plane.
  • A Vibrant Community: Located in Nine Elms, be part of a community that’s redefining London’s nightlife.
  • The Ideal Evening Retreat: Whether it’s after work or a weekend outing, Passyunk Avenue ensures you have the perfect end to your day.

Battersea is buzzing, Nine Elms is thriving, and at the heart of it all is Passyunk Avenue, waiting to serve you a piece of America. Join us, and be a part of this magnificent journey.