Passyunk Avenue Teams Up with NFL Maestro Nat Coombs to Become London’s Premier Destination for American Football Fans

Nat Coombs Show

London’s beloved American dive bar and restaurant, Passyunk Avenue, is thrilled to announce its exclusive partnership with the renowned voice of the NFL in the UK, Nat Coombs. As part of this exciting collaboration, Passyunk Avenue is set to become the ultimate hub for NFL lovers, airing all the NFL games throughout the season.

Over the NFL calendar, all Sunday games will be showcased live at the restaurant. But that’s not all! Based on the overwhelming demand from the passionate NFL community in London, patrons can sign up to express interest for late-night games and weekday matches. The more the demand, the more games to relish!

Nat Coombs, with his extensive 15 years of experience covering NFL, brings an unparalleled depth of knowledge, humour, and authentic American Football perspective – but with a distinct British twist! The host of  The Nat Coombs Show, the most celebrated NFL podcast in the UK, Nat is known for his comprehensive coverage on game previews, the hottest news, and the biggest NFL stories. Listeners can always expect insightful references, game history, and candid segments that keep the excitement real and raw.

A quick peek at what’s in store:

  • Mike & Nat’s Review:
    Dive deep into the past week’s games with Nat and Mike. Expect thorough analysis, rants about officials, insights on game strategies, and forecasts on the races for playoffs and MVP.
  • FFS – In Association With DraftKings:
    A weekly segment for fantasy football aficionados, where Nat and Ben Isaacs guide listeners on player strategies, trading tips, and injury updates.
  • Fitzdares Edge Rush:
    Place your bets! Partnering with premium bookmaker Fitzdares, Nat and ‘Prop-O’ Ollie Thornton provide their top betting picks for the upcoming games.
  • College Daze:
    NCAA football enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Nat and Ben provide a detailed overview of college football stars gearing up for the NFL, discussions on the top rankings, and all the Heisman trophy buzz.
  • Preview Show:
    Every week, Nat collaborates with notable figures, including former NFL stars like Christian Scotland-Williamson and Shane Vereen, to provide in-depth game previews and analyses.

Come join us at Passyunk Avenue for an immersive NFL experience, delicious food, and drinks. Don’t just watch the game; live it, breathe it, and experience it as if you were on the sidelines. Let’s celebrate the NFL spirit in the heart of London!