Phillies in London

Passyunk Avenue Welcomes the MLB World Tour London Series

MLB World Tour: London Series is back in 2024 as New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies meet in a two-game regular-season series on June 8-9.

Get ready London! The Phillies are coming to town, and our South Philly roots run deep. We’re not just fans; we’re fanatics, and we’re bringing the heart of Philadelphia to London!

The Philadelphia Phillies represent more than just a baseball team; they embody a rich history of achievements, a passionate fan base, iconic players, and a profound contribution to the sport. It’s a legacy that has shaped the very essence of baseball.

Our Phillies fans are second to none, and you can expect an electric atmosphere at Passyunk Avenue locations around London that’s filled with unwavering support for our team. When the Phillies play, you can feel the passion, making it an experience like no other.

Phillies in London
Phillies in London

Passyunk Avenue, The Home for Phillies Baseball in London

Are you a die-hard Phillies fan living in London or just visiting this vibrant city? Look no further! Passyunk Avenue is your go-to dive bar for an unforgettable MLB World Tour experience. Join us and immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere of Phillies baseball right here in London:

  • The Ultimate Phillies Fan Destination
    We’re not just a bar; we’re the heart of the Philadelphia Phillies fan community in London. Whether it’s the regular season or a special event like the MLB World Tour, we’re your home away from home.
  • Immerse in Phillies Spirit
    Our walls are adorned with Phillies memorabilia, and our staff bleeds red pinstripes. Feel the true spirit of Philadelphia as you watch the games with fellow fans.
  • Game Day Atmosphere
    Passyunk Avenue comes alive when the Phillies take the field. Expect a lively atmosphere, game day specials, and passionate fans who share your love for the team.
  • Watch Every Game
    Can’t snag tickets to the MLB World Tour? No worries! Passyunk Avenue has you covered. We’ll be broadcasting every Phillies game live on big screens, so you won’t miss a single pitch or home run.
Phillies in London

Passyunk is the Jawn to be!

The last time a Philly squad hit up London, we threw down a sick tailgate bash and got the Eagles’ team bus to rock up with the Super Bowl trophy! Cheerleaders cheered, Swoop…did Swoop things, and Brent Celek hyped everyone up with the Lombardi trophy, before he started pouring pints at our Fitzrovia Jawn!

Phillies in London

Now the Phillies are here, and we are going BIGGER!

Think tailgate atmosphere, hardcore fans, and a whole lot of brotherly love for our team.

We’re Talkin:

  • Tailgates
  • Baseball Festivals
  • Mummer Parades
  • VIP Parties with players and media across all Passyunk locations
  • Meet and Greet the Phanatic
  • Bus Tours and Boat Parties

and much more!

Join Us for THE MLB World Tour

Don’t miss out on the excitement of the MLB World Tour when the Phillies come to London. Passyunk Avenue is your home base for all things Phillies baseball. Mark your calendars and make it a date with us to celebrate America’s favourite pastime in the heart of London.

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