Thanksgiving in London

Passyunk Avenue is just like home!

Missing the good ol’ American Thanksgiving tradition while living in London? Look no further! Passyunk Avenue is your passport to an authentic Thanksgiving experience right here in the heart of London. Step into our cozy dive bars, where we’ve recreated the true essence of American Thanksgiving for you, whether you’re an American expat or simply someone who loves this cherished holiday.

Thanksgiving in London

What Makes Passyunk Avenue Special?

  • Dive Bar Vibes
    Don’t expect shiny new decor – we’ve deliberately preserved the genuine dive bar atmosphere to make you feel right at home.
  • Frank & Friendly Service
    Our team is all about making you feel welcome and ensuring you have an unforgettable Thanksgiving celebration.
  • American Beer
    Guzzle down American brews while cheering for your favorite team or enjoying the holiday spirit.
  • Authentic American Food
    Enjoy on a spread of mouthwatering American dishes that will transport you straight back to the USA.
  • Sports Galore
    Watch the Superbowl and other American sports like college football, basketball, and baseball on our big screens.
  • Thanksgiving Extravaganza
    Passyunk Avenue is the ultimate destination for Thanksgiving in London. You won’t miss a beat of the Thanksgiving magic.

Can’t Make It? Order the Gobbler LOVEbundle!

For those who can’t make it to Passyunk Avenue, we’ve got you covered with our Gobbler LOVEbundle. We’ve taken inspiration from the legendary Wawa and crafted our own seasonal delight – the Great British Gobbler. This sandwich is an ode to the flavors of the season, and we’re pretty sure you’ll love it just as much as the original.

So, whether you’re looking for an authentic Thanksgiving experience at Passyunk Avenue or craving a taste of the Great British Gobbler, we’ve got your Thanksgiving cravings covered. Join us in celebrating this special day, just like back in the US of A!

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Listen up, buffalo wing enthusiasts!

Buffalo Wings

If you think you’ve tasted the pinnacle of buffalo wing perfection – think again! With all due sass and sauce, we declare our buffalo wings to be the unadulterated rulers of London’s skies. And guess what? You can try them now for just £1 each. Experience the real taste of authentic American buffalo wings.