Weekend Brunch

Saturdays & Sundays


Waterloo & Fitzrovia

We’ve created a kick-ass Weekend Brunch! Treat yourself this weekend to breakfast bagels, ice-cold tipples, pancakes and more!

*Only available at Waterloo on Saturdays

★ Alcoholic: £45.00

★ Non-Alcoholic: £30.00

Build your brunch:

Choose between a bagel or plate and add as many extras as you want!

Add a side:

Choose between tots, fries or sweet potato fries.

Choose your tipple:

We’ve got a load of alcoholic and non-alcoholic options.

Want to win a free brunch?

Test your skills in the Philly Philly Challenge!

  1. Attempt the same throw as the famous Philly Philly play.
  2. ONE shot on the house. Get it and win Free Brunch and your photo on the HALL OF FAME. Miss and have your attempt posted to social media.
  3. Want to try again? MISS and your photo goes on the Hall of Shame.
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