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Gobbler LOVEbundle

Back by popular demand – the legendary Gobbler LOVEbundle! 🦃🤤

HRH Thanksgiving Day Celebration!

Join us for an all-American Thanksgiving celebration at the Home Run House! 🦃

5 min Free At Home Run House

Get the first 5 minutes on us if you book your batting cages ⚾ online!

Westfield Lunch Meal Deal ( Get up to 25% OFF)

Half Meal Deal…£8.50
Full Meal Deal…£13.50

Cleveland Street 50p Wings and £15 Pitchers of Bud

Unlimited wings for 50p per wing
Pitcher of Budweiser for £15

Cleveland Street Lunch Meal Deal ( Get up to 25% OFF)

Half Meal Deal…£9.50
Full Meal Deal…£14.50

London’s taste of brotherly love

“You’ll pop in, and you’ll hear Philadelphia accents from people visiting, and it’ll be like old times again.”

Why the Philly cheesesteak can swing a presidential election

“Forget policy, it’s an Italian-American sandwich that tests candidates’ popular appeal.”

Test Driving the Passyunk Avenue Philly cheesesteak delivery kit

“That and the final result was so damned good. We’d definitely recommend the kit.”

From passion to Passyunk Ave: How one man’s love for Philadelphia made it all the way to London

“Come hang out with us. It’s just like home.”

Missing Swoop head was returned to the Philly-themed bar it was stolen from

“They took Swoop’s head…”

Passyunk Avenue: ‘A cheese whiz-smeared act of devotion’

“Missing the food of Philadelphia? This retro diner in London makes you feel right at home.”

Passyunk Avenue

“If you’re searching for a taste of the ‘real’ America, it’s hard to beat.”

Expats of all stripes embrace Philly’s brand of Americana at the Eagles’ London game

“Fly, Eagles, Fly, on the road to victory…”

Eagles Fans Are Flocking to a Philly-Themed Bar in London

“Brent Celek and Jon Dorenbos even showed up with the Vince Lombardi Trophy.”

Passyunk Avenue: More Than A Taste Of Philadelphia

“Teti overcame tall odds to deliver a slice of Philadelphia to the good people of London.”

A Philly-Themed Bar Called Passyunk Avenue Has Won Londoners’ Cold, Cold Hearts

“If that’s not Philly for you, I don’t know what is.”

A new Philly-themed bar is drawing crowds in London

“It was time to build a bar and rename the business…”

Test Driving Passyunk Avenue – an authentic taste of Philly in London

“They’ve only been open a few weeks, but give them a few months and this slice of Philly in London may just be the place where everyone knows your name.”

Lawrence natives gives England a taste of Philly

“Passyunk Avenue is a serious hit with locals, travelers, and Americans living in London.”

A Philly-themed restaurant called Passyunk Avenue is opening in London

“JP Teti is giving Londoners a little taste of Philadelphia.”

A cheesesteak in London? That can’t be good, right?

“Honestly, it tasted really good, like it belonged in Philly. It felt like he got it right.”