Steak & Wings LOVEbundle

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Steak & Wings LOVEbundle
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Like a burger, but better! If you like a good burger, you can’t go wrong with a Classic Philly Cheesesteak.

Made with 360 grams of Prime Rib Eye Steak, our home made ‘Wiz’ Cheddar Cheese Sauce and our freshly baked soft Italian ‘Hoagie’ bread.

Not only that, but the steaks come with arguably the best Buffalo Chicken Wings in London! Just ask our regulars.

Our Cheesesteak and Wings LOVEbundle contains ingredients to make 2 or 4 portions each of Classic Cheesesteaks and our Buffalo Wings in the comfort of your own home.

What’s in the box:

  • 2 or 4 Portions of Prime Rib Eye Steak (360g each)
    We source our steaks from one of the best butchers at Smithfield’s Market in London, Tom Hixson’s. This Rib Eye has the perfect fatty content to ensure a juicy and flavourful finish when shredded and cooked. This cut is exclusive to Passyunk Avenue and RRPs at £25 per kilo. Your LOVEbundle would contain 880 grams. Check out rest of Tom Hixon’s Rib Eye Steaks range here.
  • 2 or 4 Portions of Wiz Cheese Sauce (40g each) [American or Provolone cheese can also be used for a different variety of Cheesesteaks]
    Our Wiz Cheese sauce is made from only the best British sourced Cheddars. We careful source the best suppliers to ensure we can match the classic Philly taste, but make it from all natural ingredients. All of our Wiz Cheese is made daily in our Central London kitchen.
  • 2 or 4 Portions of Passyunk Italian Hoagie Bread
    If you’ve ever heard of Amoroso’s rolls in Philly, you know there is no substitute when it comes to Cheesesteaks and Italian Hoagies. We couldn’t import the real deal, but we did spend over three years perfecting our own recipe to recreate the classic. Our Hoagie rolls are made specifically to ensure all the juice and sauce stays in the sandwich. The rolls are soft with just a very thin outside layer to keep everything in. Don’t think Baguette…think the best bread you can’t get anywhere else outside of Philly! Our Hoagies were made in collaboration with a Bespoke Bakery. Same guys that make burger buns for FIVE GUYS. They know their stuff.
  • Onions
    Onions in Philly are just a different kind of beast. The local weather and yearly rainfall ensures they cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world…We’re kidding. The onions come from fresh produce markets in Covent Garden. When ordering onions with your steak in Philly, you ask for ”WIT” or if you’re not a fan you ask for your steak ”WITOUT”. All about the preference!
  • 2 or 4 Portions of Wings (6 each: 12 or 24)
    Our Chicken Wings are sourced from Tom Hixon’s of Smithfield Market. He knows his meats. They are the perfect size to make sure that when you’re done baking them, they are juicy on the inside. but nice and crispy on the outside.
  • 2 or 4 Portions of Buffalo Sauce (40g each)
    We make the Buffalo Sauce in our Central London kitchen daily. It is made exactly how it would be done in Philly or anywhere else in the USA that honors tradition. No fuss. Just amazing tangy and spicy taste.
  • 2 or 4 Portions Blue Cheese Sauce
    The Blue Cheese Sauce, just like all of our other sauces, is also made in house. Just like everything else we do, it’s authentic. It may not be for everyone, but if you like Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Sauce, you will not find better!


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