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Watch American Sport in London

Stepping into Passyunk Avenue, you’re not just entering a bar; you’re getting a ticket to an American sporting experience right in the heart of London. Whether you’re an expat missing home or a Londoner with a penchant for U.S. sports, we’re here to give you the best of both worlds.

Watch NFL London

The NFL Experience

Beyond just the Superbowl, every Sunday becomes a deep dive into the world of American football. Insightful commentary, gripping matches, and a room full of enthusiasts create an unbeatable atmosphere.

Sports Bar


Experience the charm and strategy of Major League Baseball. Join us for key matchups, playoffs, and of course, the World Series. Discuss stats, players, and relive legendary moments with fellow aficionados.

American Restaurant and Dive Bar Waterloo London


Basketball is more than just a game; it’s a culture. Keep up with regular season games, nail-biting playoffs, and join heated discussions on team dynamics and star performances.

Watch NCAA games in London

NCAA Sports

Passyunk Avenue is your home for NCAA games in the heart of London, bringing the excitement of American college sports to our vibrant city. Witness the future stars of college athletics battle it out.

Watch NHL in London


Catch all the action of the USA’s NHL. Passyunk Avenue is the ultimate destination for hockey enthusiasts looking for an authentic taste of American sports culture in the heart of London.

Watch NSL in London


Whether you’re a die-hard soccer fan or just looking for a unique sports experience, our dive bars are the perfect spot to catch all the NSL action in London.

Authentic Americana

We prioritise authenticity. The decor, though reminiscent of an American dive bar, maintains an elegance that respects its London locale. It’s a blend of comfort and class, ensuring you enjoy every game in the best setting.

Savor the authentic taste of America with our mouthwatering selection of classic Philly food dishes. From authentic cheesesteaks and finger-licking wings to cheesy nachos, we’ve got the perfect game-time bites for you. Wash it down with a wide variety of ice-cold American beers to keep you refreshed throughout the games.

Passyunk Avenue isn’t just another sports bar; it’s an institution dedicated to the appreciation and love of American sports in the UK’s capital. Join us and be a part of this unique crossover.