Watch NFL In London

Grab your crew, put on your team colors, and head down to Passyunk Avenue!

NFL Draft – Urgent Announcement

The NFL Draft is underway, but the games are starting late in London. If you’re interested in following the action at Passyunk Avenue, we need you to sign up urgently to show your interest and we might just stay open if there is enough support!

Passyunk Avenue
is Your Home for NFL Action in London!

Passyunk Avenue is the ultimate destination for die-hard NFL fans living in London to experience the electrifying atmosphere of American football. Whether you’re a seasoned NFL enthusiast or just getting into the sport, we’ve got you covered with all the excitement, American food, and ice-cold beers you need for an unforgettable game day experience.

Even though our Philadelphia Eagles pride shines bright, we extend our warm welcome to NFL fans of every allegiance! No matter if you’re a die-hard Eagles supporter or back a different team, we’re your hub for all things NFL in London.

Super Bowl 2024

Photos of Super Bowl LVIII Watch Party and Tailgate

What a vibe! What a night! A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us to make our Super Bowl Watch Party and Tailgate an unforgettable experience. Are you ready for more tailgate parties at Passyunk? We sure are… Make sure to sign up for our newsletter, and we’ll ensure you’re always in the loop.


From the kick-off to the grand finale, we are with you every step of the way throughout the 18-week season. You can catch all the thrilling moments, from the playoffs and wild card round to the divisional round, conference championship, and culminating in the epic Super Bowl showdown.


Sunday Games

Every Sunday at 6 pm and 9 pm, we bring you live action from all the NFL games played at those times. Our state-of-the-art screens and sound system ensure you won’t miss a single play.

Late Night Games

As proud Philadelphia Eagles fans ourselves, we understand the passion you have for your team. Should the Eagles be playing outside of our regular scheduled times, we’ve got a special treat for you. Patrons can sign up to express interest in watching these games. Once we have enough interest, we’ll make arrangements to showcase the games, ensuring you never miss a moment of your team’s action.

The Nat Coombs Show

We’ve teamed up with The Nat Coombs Show this season to enhance your enjoyment of NFL Sundays at Passyunk Avenue.

You can listen to The Nat Coombs Show pod by subscribing here or play along in their free to enter Draft Kings weekly fantasy league and win all kinds of great prizes including merchandise from USA Sports and tickets to Jags/Falcons at Wembley. Enter here

NFL Reservations

Late Night Games

Sign up to express interest in watching late night games. Once we have enough interest, we’ll make arrangements to showcase the games, ensuring you never miss a moment of your team’s action.

Wild Card Rounds, Divisional Rounds, Conference Championship & Super Bowl

The Wild Card Round’s, Divisional Round’s, Conference Championship & Super Bowl times and teams are still to be decided. Sign up and we’ll be your trusted source, ensuring you’re promptly informed once the matchups and timings are confirmed.

NCAA Reservations

For NCAA please enquire here.

Why choose our American dive bars?

  1. The NFL Hangout:
    Our bar is the go-to spot for NFL fans in London. Join fellow fans and experience the camaraderie that comes with cheering for your favourite teams together.
  2. American Food Feast:
    Savor the authentic taste of America with our mouthwatering selection of classic Philly food dishes. From authentic cheesesteaks and finger-licking wings to cheesy nachos, we’ve got the perfect game-time bites for you.
  3. Ice-Cold American Beer:
    To complement the American experience, we offer a wide variety of ice-cold American beers to keep you refreshed throughout the games.
  4. Game Day Specials:
    Enjoy exclusive game day specials on food and drinks to make your NFL viewing experience even more enjoyable.